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Harry Potter Birthday Bash News Release

     Cresco, Iowa  July 17, 2008 --  The Cresco Public Library is sponsoring a Harry Potter Birthday Party on Saturday, August 2 at 6:00 p.m. at the historic Cresco Theatre in downtown Cresco, Iowa.  The event features a performance by the the Los Angeles-based wizard rock band, Switchblade Kittens and the Iowa premiere of the independent film, "The Wizard Rockumentary."  The performance is free and open to the public, all ages welcome. 

     The Switchblade Kittens launched Wizard Rock in 2000 with their song, "Ode to Harry" which soon had 3 million downloads and was featured on most Harry Potter fan sites.  The band will be performing a selection of songs inspired by the Potter series from their 2006 CD, "The Weird Sisters."  The Switchblade Kittens are one of the headline bands performing  at the national Harry Potter conference, "Terminus" in Chicago on August 6.  The 13-hour concert, named "Wrock Chicago," will be the largest Wizard Rock concert ever held. 

      "The Wizard Rockumentary:  A Movie About Rocking and Rowling" is a feature-length film about the world of Wizard Rock created by twin sisters Megan and Mallory Schuyler.  They were inspired to create their film after attending a performance by Harry and the Potters in 2004.  The Schuyler sisters made their movie by going to performances and fan conventions, filming the bands in performance and interviews. The film explores the experiences of famous and obscure Wrock bands, including Harry and the Potters, The Whomping Willows, the Moaning Myrtles, and many other performers inspired by their love of the Harry Potter books. 

     Guests are encouraged to come in costume and to participate in a Harry Potter look-alike contest, wizard dueling, and a Harry Potter trivia contest.  Mr. Potter requests, in lieu of gifts, a donation to the Cresco Public Library.

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