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Dog Obedience

     Scott Hurley of the Good Dog Center near Decorah filled in.  He was assisted by his Australian Shepherd, Paloma, and his American Staffordshire Terrier, China.  

     Scott discussed choosing the right dog or puppy.  He suggested visiting the local shelter of Humane Society when looking for a dog because many great dogs can be found at these places.  He emphasized not obtaining a dog from a pet store because many of these animals originate from puppy mills.

Things to consider when choosing a dog:
1. What is my lifestyle- active or couch potato?  Scott said, "Believe it or not, there are couch potato dogs out there!"
2. Should I get a puppy or an adult dog?
3. How active will this dog be?
4. How big will this puppy become?
5. What was this breed developed to do?
6. What is the temperament and intelligence of this breed?
7. Are there special needs for this dog, such as grooming?
8. Will the care of this dog fit into my budget?

Scott also spoke about safety issues and dog behavior.  He discussed how to greet a dog, how to react to aggressive dogs, respecting a dog's space, and children and dogs together in a home.

For more information on dogs and adopting a pet:


Humane Society of N.E. Iowa (formerly PAW)
PO Box 76
Decorah, Iowa 52101

Some pictures of the event follow:

 Dog Obedience  Dog Obedience  Dog Obedience
 Dog Obedience  Dog Obedience  Dog Obedience
 Dog Obedience  Dog Obedience  Dog Obedience
     Dog Obedience      Dog Obedience      Dog Obedience
     Dog Obedience

 Dog Obedience

 Dog Obedience
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