Holding and Borrowing

On this page, you will find out how to hold or borrow items on Libby.


1. If an item says 'Place Hold' then that means that it isn't available right now. You can place it on hold and the app will send you a notification once it's ready for you. 

2. Click the item you want to place on hold and click the button 'Place Hold'. It will then tell you at the top of the screen that 'You have placed a hold on....'. 


3. You can also cancel a hold if you placed it by accident or don't want the item anymore. Go and click the shelf button at the bottom of the screen (looks like a stack of books). This will bring up a list of the items you have on hold.

4. Click 'Manage Hold' on the item you want to get rid of. Then click 'Cancel Hold' (will have to click it twice) and it will no longer be on hold for you. 



1. If an item that you want says 'Borrow' then that means you can borrow it now, there's no wait time. 

2. Go ahead and click on the item you want to borrow and click the 'Borrow' button at the bottom. 


3. To find out how to return items, click the following link: Returning