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Find answers to questions

This library can find answers to many of your questions. Whether it is for homework, to settle a bet or just because you want to know, the library has trained staff to help you.

Describe your library's reference service here. Include:

  • When the service is available
  • Where it is located in the library
  • Who to ask
  • How questions can be received: in person, by phone, fax, e-mail, instant messaging, etc.
  • Describe the scope of the reference service. i.e. will you answer homework questions? will you post bids on E-bay? List any limits.
  • Include links down below to the Ask a Librarian form, to the IM service, library contact info for phone and fax requests.
  • Include a link down below in related items, to the library's reference policy
  • Include a link to the "do research" section of the Web site.
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