Reserving an Item

On this page, you will find instructions on how to reserve an item on your account. If you have any questions, please contact us via email or phone (563-547-2540). 

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Reserving an Item: 

1. After you've searched an item that you want, you can reserve it regardless if it is checked in or out.

2. Click on the item you want to produce a drop-down menu and click on the Reserve this Item button. You will then get a white box that comes up, and this is where you can select the way you want to be notified. You can either get a text message, email, or a phone call to let you know it's ready for pickup. Once you've picked the way you'd like to be notified, go ahead and click Place Reserve button.


3. After you've clicked Place Reserve, your screen will change to look like this. It tells you when you placed the item on reserve, what number on the wait list you are, and how you want to be contacted. 

Reserving Confirmation.png

4. There's another spot you can see a list of the items you have reserved and their status. Click on the My Account button in the top right-hand corner and click Reserves/Requests tab. 

My Reserves List.png