Library Card

There are two ways you can get a library card. You can either come in and fill out a card or you can sign up for online.


If you want to sign up online, go to our catalog or click the link down below. Once you're there, go ahead and click the Sign Up button in the top right hand corner and fill in the empty fields. Your information will be automatically entered in to our system and we will make you a library card as soon as we can.

Catalog Link:

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Information for New Patrons:

  • Let us know if you've had an account under a different name. The account might still be active and we can just update the information on it.

  • Children aged 6-13 must have a guardian's signature when signing up.

  • We can link family accounts if your child is under the age of 14.

  • All patrons are limited to 10 (ten) items for the first three months.

  • Can have due date reminders and reserve notifications sent to you via email or text.

  • Only 6 (six) DVDs per household.

  • Only 6 (six) magazines per household.

  • Books and audiobooks are checked out for 3 (three) weeks.

  • DVDs and magazines are checked out for 1 (one) week.

  • Everything but DVDs and magazines can be renewed (can be done over the phone or on your online account).