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Information for New Patrons:

  • Let us know if you've had an account under a different name. The account might still be active and we can just update the information on it.

  • Children aged 6-13 must have a guardian's signature when signing up.

  • We can link family accounts if your child is under the age of 14.

  • All patrons are limited to 10 (ten) items for the first three months.

  • Can have due date reminders and reserve notifications sent to you via email or text.

  • Only 6 (six) DVDs per household.

  • Only 6 (six) magazines per household.

  • Books and audiobooks are checked out for 3 (three) weeks.

  • DVDs and magazines are checked out for 1 (one) week.

  • Everything but DVDs and magazines can be renewed (can be done over the phone or on your online account).