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We've asked one of our patrons, K, to review a few of our YA books. They've agreed and here's what they had to say!


House of Salt and Sorrow by Erin A. Craig

I wanted to keep reading to find out what happened, how it happened and who was behind all of it. This book is a mystery fantasy where 12 sisters are cursed. Four of the sisters experienced tragic deaths, and the remaining sisters experience even more grief throughout the story. One sister, Annaleigh, questions why everything is happening to her family. She looks deeper to see who or what is behind all of the deaths. House of Salt and Sorrow is a very good book where I didn't want to put it down.


The Mermaid, the Witch, and the Sea by Maggie Tokuda-Hall                    

A story about two girls, one a pirate and the other an imperial daughter, who do whatever it takes to survive. When the two girls cross paths, they call in love and decide to do anything to stay together. This story is an adventure that includes love, magic and self-discovery.




Fath: Taking Flight by Julie Murphy

Faith has a secret superpower, the ability to fly. Now only does Faith realize she has the ability to fly, but she also realizes how animals and people are missing and it could be linked to a new drug called A+. Faith takes action to try to solve the case by using her new superpower. This book makes you want to keep reading. I just wanted to know if Faith would be able to solve the case and keep her superpower a secret.



Burn by Patrick Ness:

Burn is a fantasy story full of dragons, prophecies, and another universe. Sarah Dewhurst finds she is involved in a prophecy that includes an assassin, dragon worshippers, and FBI agents. This story goes into great depth about their mission of completing the prophecy. Patrick Ness grabs your attention and makes you wonder how things will end. 



A Treason of Thorns by Laura E. Weymouth

A Treason of Thorns, a story about a young girl named Violet Sterling, and a magic Great House named Burleigh. Throughout the story, Violet goes on a mission to try to save her house and the countryside from deadly magic. It is an adventurous story, where it makes you reflect on the choices we have to make in our lives. 




House of Dragons by Jessica Cluess

House of Dragons is a very powerful story where it makes you question what is going to happen next. Five houses battle against each other to take the throne, but the people who are called weren't expected. This story is full of fantasy action that is full of dragons. Jessica Cluess wrote a very good book, and I can't wait to read more of this series. 

The second book is coming this year!


Another of our patrons, fazbear, has reviewed some more YA books. Have a look!


Illegal by Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin, ilustrated by Giovanni Rigano.

Illegal was a very exciting book with a good plot. 8/10 - would read again.



The Many Deaths of Scott Koblish by Scott Koblish

It was a good book although there were almost no words. With many different death scenarios.

8/10 - would read again.




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