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100th Birthday Celebration of our Carnegie Library

Postcard of the Cresco Public Library (circa 1950)

Did you know?  The Howard County Fair moved to the city of Cresco in 1866.  The first fair in Cresco was held September 28 and 29, 1866.  The machinery and stock that year were exhibited on the ground north of J.F. Webster's residence, later the Park Hotel and now the corner where the library stands.  At this time Elm Street extended only to the courthouse square and the area north of the library was a grove of scrub oak and hazel brush...  [For more interesting facts, see the histories included below]


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     We are celebrating the 100th birthday of our beautiful Carnegie Library.  The majority of the construction on the Cresco Public Library took place in 1914.  Work was completed by the end of that year.  The official dedication of the building was on February 10, 1915. 

1.  For those interested in reading a short history of the library, click here.

2.  Those interested in reading more on the history of the Cresco Public Library, as told through the local newspaper, click here!

3.  A much longer, in depth accounting from the local newspapers about the 1914 Carnegie Library (click here) and the Addition to the CPL (click here) can be accessed by using the links.

4.  Those interested in reading more on the history of the major new addition to the Cresco Public Library, as told through the local newspaper, click here!

5.  There is a picture page linked here.  See how many of the 95 old pictures you can identify that relate to the Cresco area.  Click here!

Did You Know Answers

6.  The Directors of the Cresco Public Library over the years.  Click here

7.  List of Carnegie Libraries in Iowa.  Click here

8.  John M. Witt wrote "The Carnegie libraries of Iowa" in 2003.  The ISBN is 0-9729219-9-7.  In it, he writes about the Carnegie Library in Iowa.  Click here

CPL Directors Over the Years

      "The education of librarians is wholly focused on serving users and considering their needs.  Customer service is profit-and bottom-line driven, whereas patron service is centered on education and community welfare.      

      There is a reason that librarians insist on pretending that public libraries aren’t businesses—it is because they are not.  They exist for the public good and to serve their communities."


Cresco Public Library (1914-1918)

This is a picture of the Cresco Public Library as it looked between 1914 and 1918. 

Below is another picture from the same period.  Do you recognize the house and where it is located?

End of Main (1915-1918)


Due to city budget cuts, The Cresco Public Library will close at 1 p.m. Saturdays beginning July 1st.  Please plan your library needs accordingly!

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